Tera Hannah
Maid of Honor

Tera is not only my younger sister, she is my best friend. Even though I used to purposely make her mad and she would throw the yellow Lil Tikes chairs at me from across the room, I can't imagine life without her. There is no one I would rather have as my Maid of Honor standing beside me on my big day.

Tina Manibusan
Matron of Honor
Tina is my Mom's oldest daughter and my big sis. She is a loving mother to three smart, independent, and crazy children (EJ 16, Aubrey 14 going on 21, and Tano 9) and a dedicated wife to her husband Erwin 17 years strong. #couplegoals
Tara Walker
I met Tara in San Jose through a mutual friend who didn't want us to hangout because he knew we would get along too well. Boy was he right because we've been besties ever since. From our random nights out in Santana Row dressed in sweatpants and a tank top to getting cute for her performances at SP2, Tara is one of my ride or die girlfriends. Since we've both left the Bay Area, she now resides in the Boston area with her husband Lonnye and 2 beautiful girls (September and Rya).
Melanie Collaco
Mel first met Mykael working at Best Buy in high school over a decade ago. When they found out they were in the same city, we all started to hang out as a group and the rest is history. She is like a sister from another Mama. From nights out dancing to nice quiet dinners/drinks, Mel is my SD bestie and I can't wait to celebrate our big day with her.
Hannah Leanos-Halpin
I met Hannah randomly on St Patrick's Day in San Jose back in 2013 when her coworker and a random girl I met 2 days before started talking to each other. While our friends went MIA dating (now married with 2 kids), Hannah and I became the best of friends. She now resides in the Sacramento area with her husband Matt and handsome son Felix.
Ariana Antonio
Even though Ariana isn't able to attend the wedding, she will be there in spirit. We met over 10 years ago when I joined Veggie Grill as her assistant manager and even though she was technically my boss, she became my mentor, briefly my roommate and eventually lifelong friends. She is funny, quirky, and smart and I appreciate her for all that she is.
Morgan Phelps
I met Morgan through a mutual friend right before she left San Jose and moved to Chicago. We technically only spent one day together before she left but it was in that day we knew we were both different. From galivanting in the Napa wine country to martinis at PUMP in LA, our bi-coastal friendship has endured. Morgan is a lifelong friend I will always cherish. Always a big fan of the city, she now resides in NYC with her beau Lew.
Jennifer Ferrante
I met Jen through my sister Tera after they studied abroad in Argentina. From classy dinners in Sacramento to all-nighters in Las Vegas, we've had lots of adventures through thick and thin. She is a jack of all trades who can offer you financial advice while mixing you a cocktail. She now works as a nurse on the COVID frontlines in the Bay Area and resides with her new husband Dom in Gonzales, CA.
Kathy Tran
I met Kathy through Mykael when he lent her a few things for her birthday bonfire. Over the last few years, she has become one of my San Diego besties and someone I know I can count on. On top of that, she is a badass baker. Check out her page @Puffs_SD I can't wait to celebrate my big day with her at my side.
Maria Thomas

I met Maria at a dinner party and I will never forget our first encounter when she told me she didn't like Guam. Taken back by her comment, I thought to write her off but in getting to know her more through out the night and many more dinners/drinks later, she has become a lifelong friend. She'll be coming all the way from Korea with her husband David.

Averee Chang
I met Averee 4 years ago at a dinner party through mutual friends. The host had a tradition where each person would go around the table and say something nice about the next person. When it got to Averee's turn, she turned to me and said that she was thankful for meeting me as her spirit animal. It was her great energy and fun spirit that has made us much closer over the years and I am so thankful that she gets to stand beside me on the big day.
Dawn Enos
Mykael and I met Dawn through his groomsman Nestor. At first she was coming around only with Nestor and then without him, now we are all thick as thieves. From country concerts to house parties, we are all usually together. LOL. She is a hot mama of her literal mini me Adalyn and a hardworking Navy woman.
Aubrey Manibusan
Junior Bridesmaid
Aubrey is my Matron of Honor Tina's daughter and the princess of our family. My Mom's only granddaughter, she is sassy and fun with a unique sense of style. She loves to tag along on all of our sister adventures and shares my love for music and dancing.
David Lee

Mykael’s oldest friend who is more like a brother than a friend. These two met in high school when it took only one corona to get someone drunk lol. Then they worked together at Best Buy and been friends about 20 years. A true definition of life long friends.

Cory Woll

A Native of Staten Island, Cory is A brother from another mother. Cory and mykael met at their last command and bonded immediately. Even though their ship never moved, their is no one Mykael would rather go into battle with.

Bobby Tucker

Who knew checking into a command back in 2015 and having a just a random conversation would create such a great friendship. Even tho we have directly opposing football views, we are very like like minded in the fact, you can’t threaten us with a good time.

Jeff Zimmerman

Chef Jeff, a Illinois native is the reason why Mykael’s house parties started to have food. Out of the goodness of his heart(and a bottle of Jim Beam) he would come over before the parties and start to get down on the grill, creating some of the best House party food ever. A great guy and great friend.

Tremayne Mellersh
Tremayne Is an Australian woman Mykael met believe it or not but on MySpace. Tremayne and Mykael have been friends over 13 years and even though it’s mostly through the phone, she is a life long friend and definitely the coolest Aussie you will ever meet.
Jordan Heath

First a roommate, then a friend and now a groomsman. It’s been 5 plus years living with him and I’ve loved it. Hailing from Pennsylvania, and being a little to proud to be a Eagles fan lol, he is the OG Cat Dad and the reason why I wanted cats again In my life.

Seth Bohler
Seth is a New York guy with a California attitude. Calm, collected and cool, he is a guy that you want to pull up with, have a beer with and watch sports with. Mykael and Seth have been friends since 2017 and have had many adult conversations while consuming adult beverages.
Richard Duenas

Richard is Ana’s cousin and the first person who made Mykael feel truly welcome in this large loving Chamarro Family. He has seen the ups and downs but always made Mykael feel like family.

Ryan York

Ryan was once Mykael’s boss onboard USS Blueridge but over time he became a mentor, friend and even roommate. A dedicated father and friend, Ryan is a great person to have in your corner. Snow Ninjas for life!

William Clawson

A Texas born, prior navy IT who is a true Dallas Cowboys fan. Mykael and William met while serving onboard USS Blueridge. Whenever you are down and you need a laugh, this is the guy you call.

Luis Manent

Luis was once Ana’s neighbor and witnessed Mykael first walk of shame from Ana’s house lol. Since then he has been a been the best friend to peer pressure you to go out and have a good time. The man knows how to live life.

Nestor Arevallo

One of the nicest guys with a heart the size of the great state of Texas where he is from. Mykael and Nestor have known each other since the early 2010’s and created great memories over spilled drinks

William Morris
William or “Big Mo” has been a friend to Mykael since Mo took him to Roppongi for the first time lol just kidding. But Mykael and Mo have bonded over many adventures and good times. #operationblackops

Remy and Logan
Our Babies
Remy and Logan were adopted around the best time of year, Halloween of 2017.   Logan, a former stray cat was turned into the animal shelter in Bonita, while Remy was turned in when the cops did a wellness check and found an elderly woman with over 100 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment.   Since Ana and I took them into our home, they have provided us with nothing but love, cuddles and good times.  Remy (our black cat) tends to gravitate towards Ana and Logan (our white cat) is my baby.  Either way you put it, they sleep with us every night on the bed to protect us from ghosts and prepare us for our future human babies.   We Love you Remy and Logan.